Where does the Merino wool come from and why?

Because of our choice to use ultrafine Merino wool, the best and highest quality of Merino wool, the only viable origin is Australia. Of course there are other countries that breed Merino sheep. Even here in the north of Munich we have the possibility to visit our woolly friends from April till October.

Where we produce and why?

We know that having a "Made in Europe" stamp is the popular choice as promoted by many sustainable cloth labels. While Europe might be the best choice for many products, this is not the case for all products. It is particularly not the best choice for our products. Our garments are made in China and we do not hide this information from you.

Here the reasons why we made that choice:


At lius&friends we stand for uncompromised quality! We require our partner to be specialised in both baby garments and high-performance cloths. Nowadays, specialised producers from China are the choice when it comes to these specific requirements. Our partner comes with more than 30 years experience and their references span the big names for Merino wool products.


Our ultrafine merino wool exclusively originates from Australia (see above). A detour through China is reasonable from an environmental point of view. We analysed the hard facts and manufacturing in Europe vs. China comes with roughly the same ecological footprint - particularly due to the origin of the wool.


China is also known as "the world's factory" and has a very strong business ecosystem. That means a huge network of suppliers, component manufacturers and distributors. This makes our supply chain even more efficient and eco-friendly.

What makes ultrafine merino wool so special?

And why it is worth to source the finest wool on the other side of the planet.

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