Our adventure started with a positive pregnancy test and the question: what will our baby wear? We weren’t so interested in gender first, so we wanted to shop for gender-neutral clothing. In the beginning, we didn’t focus on the fabric, more just on the look. So we bought several products made of different materials.

I wanted a natural fabric, with high quality and a non-itch guarantee. I already fell in love with Merino wool and figured out, that there can be also a huge difference in Merino wool quality. So the only option for our baby is ultrafine Merino wool

But as I already mentioned, this wasn't available on the market. With our lius&friends products, we redesigned baby clothing with what is important for our baby and us. Our products have many features making our life as parents easier and for your children more comfortable.

Our products and design philosophy

We design products that last longer since they are of supreme quality and they grow with your child.

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Our values and our commitment

Our planet. Our friends. Our children.

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Our supply chain

Where we source and produce.

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