Why - the natural quality

Just like our children, Merino wool is a natural high-performer. It regulates body temperature, is breathable and soft on delicate skin. We guarantee you NON-ITCHINESS. That’s what makes it so comfortable for each season.

Especially for newborns a temperature regulating material helps not to overheat and provides a better and healthy sleep. This is scientifically proven. Another natural characteristic of Merino wool is anti allergy: soft on delicate skin and reduces skin irritation.



How - the functionality

After two years of designing, testing and developing, we have created a purpose: clothes reducing restriction in our children's natural movement and providing a superfine second skin. That means that the Baby can move without any constraints.

What - the material

Made of 100% ultrafine Merino wool, lius&friends provide a NON-ITCH GUARANTEE and the liberating feeling of a second skin and allowing unrestricted freedom of movement.