Non-itch guarantee

We guarantee that our products are not itchy - even on the super sensitive baby skin. How do we ensure this promise? You should know not all Merino wools are the same. We only use Merino wool of the highest quality and it is almost as soft as cashmere. Our wool is among the finest in the world.

When is Merino wool itchy?

Why is our Merino wool special?

Advantages of ultrafine merino wool

1. Promote the baby's development with thermo-regulating clothing. In summer the clothes cool and in winter they keep you warm. Our products help the baby to sleep longer and supports a sleep of better quality. Sleep is essential for healthy mental development. This wonderfully complements our focus on optimal conditions for the baby and its mental development. It has also been scientifically proven that babies put on weight faster with merino wool, which is certainly related to the following advantages.

2. Promotion of health through anti-allergenic properties of clothing. Merino wool hugs sensitive baby skin and reduces skin irritation. Merino wool inhibits the formation of ulcers. The whole thing is rounded off by a natural sun protection factor of up to UPF 50+.

3. Well-being of the baby through moisture-wickingbreathable and odor-resistant clothing. This leads to a reduction in sweaty feet and the formation of cheese smear in the baby's armpits. Which can often occur with more corpulent toddlers.

4. Environmentally friendly and easy-care products thanks to durable materials that are biodegradable and require less care, as they are self-cleaning. Where necessary, we use recycled synthetic high-performance materials.

Further details and also the science behind these facts.

Our products and design philosophy

We design products that last longer since they are of supreme quality and they grow with your child.

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Our planet. Our friends. Our children.

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Where we source and produce.

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