Our commitment

Our high-quality products are long-lasting since they grow with your child, are very endurable, and hand-me-down ready. This is one way in which we achieve a more sustainable baby cloth industry.

close the loop

Facts about fast fashion:

  • the production of fast fashion generates 20% of global waste water
  • 20% of clothing might never be worn
  • up to 64% of all fabrics are made of plastic 

Long lasting friendship

If you do not pass them on to another friend when your child is done with them, send the clothes back to us and receive 20% off your next order! We will reuse, repurpose, or compost your lius&friends wear.

How it works: a win for you and mother earth

Step 1: Grab your pre-loved lius&friends clothes.

Step 2: Send them back to us.

Step 3: We’ll reuse, repurpose, or compost your lius&friends clothes.

Step 4: Receive 20% off your next lius&friends order.